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Bog noticed that the children were acting more odd than normal.  Well he thought at first that it wasn’t unusual as Gisela had gone to go do something, playing with her dollies in her room, with Oberon happening to follow within a few moments with the excuse he had left something in his room.  

This got Bog curious since he hadn’t thought it any big deal until he once caught Gisela sneaking in the kitchen, carrying a plate of berries right before dinner, and then he saw them speaking in hushed tone and then stopped whenever they saw him coming down the hall.  

They seemed to be hiding something, and for what reason he wasn’t so sure.

Maybe his beloved had some idea as to what it was and decided on asking her that.  “Marianne, have you noticed what the children have been doing?”  

He saw his wife lower the spoon from Soren’s mouth after feeding him the mashed berries and then turn to him looking confused.  “What do you mean?  Is there something the matter?”

“Well no…at least I don’t think so kinda, I mean Gisela hasn’t been doing anything wrong that I can think of.  She seems to stay in her room a lot more, not to say there’s something wrong, but do you have any idea what’s going on with her?”

Marianne stopped to think before shrugging, “Well, I can’t really say I notice.  Honestly she hasn’t seemed so when I last saw her this morning or around the afternoon.  Although I think we might have to tell the staff to stop giving her sweets before dinner.  They notice she’s been taking a lot of blueberries and cinnamon sticks from the kitchen lately, same with Oberon.  Hope they’re not bringing it to their room when I told them specifically not to after last time.”

“Hmm I see…” Bog saw Marianne pick up the small toddler, placing him against her with his head on her shoulder and gave his back a quick pat.  

There was a small burp, and Marianne turned to her husband smiling softly. “I’m going to set Soren down for his nap; why don’t you check on them and just see how they are, you big worrier you, and maybe afterwards we can have a friendly ‘spar’ to ease that tension, okay?”  

She loved the look that came over him, especially since Marianne figured he would get to the bottom of things while she took care of seeing to this one.  She exited the room with Soren looking over her shoulder at his daddy.  

Bog watched them go before he decided to head out himself and go check on the other two and hopefully put his mind at ease, especially as Marianne’s suggestion might have something to do with that.  He found Oberon in the playroom with his toy soldiers, maneuvering them like they were in battle.  Bog inwardly chuckled as he saw that, but didn’t see Gisela with him.  

Perhaps she was in her room, so he decided to go look in on her.  He walked down the hall to see her and then heard her speaking, but it seemed to be in a hushed whisper to whoever she was speaking to.

“Okay, just stay quiet, and I promise to bring you back some more okay, shhh…” Bog watched as Gisela closed the door carefully and then walked in the direction towards the kitchen, without looking back to see if anyone noticed her.  

This certainly got his attention since he now had no doubt that she was definitely keeping something from him and Marianne and now was going to get to the bottom of things.  

“Now what is it that you are hiding?” Bog looked about the room, nothing seeming off with everything in place, all her dolls and toys where she last set them especially cluttered on the floor and checking everywhere he could look.  There didn’t seem like anyone else was in here beside himself.

Maybe he was overthinking things; maybe it wasn’t so odd and that Gisela didn’t have anything to hide.  Really what could a child hide from him that he wouldn’t notice—

He stopped when he looked to the ground and noticed the area around it seemed to have shifted.  Bog frowned as the thought to look under there never occurred to him as he made to bend down and take a quick peek.  

He wished he hadn’t as he found something lunged out from under there and was striking out at him just like that.

“Argh, get off!”  Bog started screaming, cursing in his brogue loudly as the thing attached itself to his face, scratching and hissing loudly as he struggled to remove it without it tearing his eyes out.  Bog could feel its claws in his armor and tried to pry it off, though it seemed to grab hold of his head and was digging in.  

Bog somehow managed to get it off and saw it hop towards the bed, turning rapidly and growling with its hair on end and yowling loud.

Bog quickly picked up his scepter and held it high as he was ready to bring it down when—

“Daddy, don’t hurt Mr. Fluffy!”  Bog turned to see Gisela rushing over and stepping in front of him, putting herself in his way of the growling creature.

“Wait, what?”  He saw Gisela go to pick up the creature in her small arms and took in that it look similar to the imp that was living in the Elf village but slightly different.  

For one, its fur wasn’t all white, more pinkish in tone instead, and had a tuft of fur sticking up from the very tip of its tail with a pink bow wrapped around it.  He also noticed that the eyes were a light purple and with a dark expression as it hissed at him.  

Bog’s mind was still reeling at the information when he heard the door open and his son’s voice entered the conversation. “Hey, what’s all the commotion, Sis? What happened?”

“Daddy scared Mr. Fluffy!”  

Bog’s face stiffened; he scared that thing!  It tried to eat his face off!  

Oberon stared at his sister before shaking his head at her. “How many times do I have to tell you, we did not agree to call him fluffy; his name is supposed to be Garner, not Fluffy!”

“Nuh uh, it’s Mr. Fluffy because look at how fluffy he is, even dad would agrees!” She was turning to her father who was still stunned by the revelation.  

Gisela went to pet the head, calming the creature, making it purr under her ministrations.  “Fluffy is my bestest best friend.  We were just keeping him because I found him outside, and he followed me home.”

Well, that wasn’t entirely true; she did find him as she went to gather some wild flowers that hadn’t been too far from the fortress and was the one to decide on bringing him inside as she wasn’t sure what dad would say about her new ‘friend’ living inside her closet all this time.  Her brother had knew obviously as she couldn’t really keep anything from him, plus the fact that Fluffy had been chewing on one of his toys was a dead giveaway.

Oberon had promised not to say one word about it, even though he kept insisting they call him something else as he didn’t think ‘Fluffy’ seemed a very appropriate name.

Bog couldn’t believe this, of all things really, why had they, it just, he just couldn’t find the right words to say as his mind was still trying to get around it.  Only then did he heard someone coming in and a familiar voice asking, “What’s going on in here?”  

Bog turned to see Marianne was walking in and wanting to find out what all the ruckus was.  Even Griselda was wondering herself when she came in and found them like this, her son dumbstruck while her grandkids were standing there idly and one holding a pink imp that was glaring over at Bog.  

It was then Gisela who went to explain everything while still keeping a firm hold on the creature as she told her family how she found him and him in her room this whole time.  

It made a lot of sense now but Marianne could see Bog was still a stupor since this was not what he had foreseen in any event but nonetheless it was good to see it wasn’t something to be looking like a statue with his face set like that.  Marianne decided to take charge and bend down to her daughter’s level.

“Um, okay, first off, your little friend here isn’t a guy; it’s a girl.  Trust me I know, and second, you should have at least told us what you were up to and not keep this a secret, especially from your father.”

“We’re sorry.” Gisela looked to the ground, feeling guilty that she hadn’t told her parents about it but had been so scared that they would say to put her friend outside, back out in the cold.  Marianne pat her on the head and told her it was okay but next time don’t keep secrets from them.  

Although she saw her lift her head and look to her with those wide blue eyes, “So mummy, now that you know, does that mean it’s okay if Fluffy can stay with us?”

“I don’t know you’ll have to ask your father as I’m sure he’s the one to make that call.”  She turn to see that Bog was coming to and look to his wife with his eyes bugging out and couldn’t believe she was bringing him into this conversation.  But he found it was too late as Gisela was rushing towards him, the imp in her arms and now asking that very dreaded question.

“Can we keep her, please please please?!”

No, absolutely not, no way in all the dark forest are we keeping that monstrosity!  That’s what he wanted to say, that’s what his mind kept repeating inside his head.  Bog found his daughter was looking up at him looking so sweetly in his direction, her stare so hard to resist and as much as Bog wanted to say no but found instead the words that came out of his mouth were, “Okay…”

He heard Gisela cry out in happiness and threw herself against him, thanking him so much while she went to go hug her mother as well for letting her keep the imp.

“J-Just keep your friend from making a mess in the chambers, and don’t let it go chewing the furniture.  We really don’t need that and also we don’t need it to go do anything else that would be a issue.”  He tried to think of some other rules to add on as he had no idea what to do as he never had a pet himself.  

Okay, maybe that one small lizard but that had been different and his father kinda hadn’t liked it and wasn’t around very long, so really he kinda was going with what he knew so far.

Gisela was still on cloud nine as she was hopping about and then turning the imp around to stare into her eyes who was smiling back with her tail wagging in joy.  “You know, I guess Fluffy can be your nickname, we should give you something much cuter and I know just the perfect name to call you!”

Bog groaned when he heard what she decided to name their new ‘friend’ and the next day Marianne had someone make a small collar and engraved on the tag, ‘Primrose’ to show much to his growing agony.  

He found there was more reason to spite that thing, especially seeing how smug it looked sitting in his daughter’s lap, looking all happy and whatnot and then stuck her tongue out at him when no one else was looking.  Oh how much he was going to regret letting that thing stay with them!

Primrose was fitting in quite well and enjoy being the dedicated pet within the following months after the Bog king decided to let her stay in the fortress.  She was very close to the young princess and was always around her and Soren as she like to play with the small ones, especially as she used her own tail to get him to try to reach out and grab it.  

She loved showing off and always manage to gain more treats and affection from the children and had abundant of scraps from the food serve.  She didn’t cause that much mischief as Imp were known for, although that was usually reserve for a certain someone when he manage to tick her or when she was just plain bored.  

It was usually more the latter and loved seeing the look on that grouch’s face when he saw what she did and couldn’t do a thing, not while she was around the children and being all sweet and innocent while inside she was laughing with glee.  

Oh it was so much fun watching him look at her with that glare and sending her silent threat but she just smirked at him and thought how amusing it was to get under his scaly armor.  He just needed to loosen up and that’s what she was here for!

Bog on the other hand was grasping at straw, trying to keep his emotions in check and not sure how much longer he could keep it together under such circumstances.  He was so close to losing it until finally he decided that a vacation was in order and knew just where to go.  

He and his family would go visit the Fairy kingdom as it’s been some time since they last head over there and it would be absolutely perfect to take a small break from the daily task around here.  But unfortunately things didn’t go as plan and now had to make a quick stop to the Elf village.  

Oh, if only he knew the trouble that was ensue to happen just when it did later down that road...

“But, daddy, why do we have to leave Fluffy here?”  Bog looked to his children, seeing Gisela holding Primrose tightly to her as she didn’t want to let her go.  The children had been very confused when all they wanted was to bring their pet on their mini vacation but he was adamant not to allow such even with it now here instead of back home where it belonged.  

Should have put it in the damn dungeon and threw the key away, that’s what I should have done!

Yet he handle and found himself regretting it.  So here he was doing his best to keep his cool and saying with all the calm he could muster up, “It’s because your grandfather has very strong allergies, and you don’t want to see him all sneezy while we visit him, now do you?”  

It was a most valid excuse and was the best he could come up with on short notice.  It was bad enough that somehow the imp had managed to track them down and cross the border before the children saw it standing there waving and went straight for Ella.  He knew that it must’ve been done on purpose so that he would have no choice but have the imp tag along on their getaway.  

Well he wasn’t going to give it the satisfaction, no sir, he was the Bog King and didn’t bow to anyone’s whim, well almost no one really but Marianne was an exception when she was in the mood but that was it!  He would not bow to this impudent credent!

Now how shall he get rid of it!  This was not what he had in mind when he decided on getting away and having some alone time with his family.  Not with that thing being a nuisance to him and only him!  

The weeks inside the fortress with the imp driving him up the wall had been an absolute nightmare.  It was only when he received word from his father-in-law with his consent to come visit did he feel salvation was right around the corner.  

It had been some time since the fairy King got to spend quality time with his grandchildren, especially little Soren who was very excited about this trip.  He thought not having the imp around would be a blessing for him, and he would have preferred if it hadn’t followed them.  

He felt bad for lying, well almost but com’n, he could really do without having it sneak inside their bedchamber and go ripping up his side of the bed and leaving a mess whenever it likes just to get on his nerves or whatever ‘present’ it had left there for him to find.

It was a good thing that there was an immediate solution to his problem just waiting inside the village where the elves reside.  

Marianne could tell something was up since she knew her dad didn’t really have these so called ‘allergy’ but said nothing about it.  It was obvious that Bog seem irritated, more so than usual and seeing how much in dire need her husband was for this little getaway.  She took in the nervous tick in his brow and the way he was gritting his teeth ever so slightly and knew he was at the end of his rope and decided to lend a hand.  

She placed her hand on the young girl’s shoulder and made Gisela look towards her, “It will be fine Ella.  Mr. Pare is being very generous to watch Primrose while we’re visiting grandpa. He’s a good caretaker and she won’t be the only one there.  She’ll be making a lot of new friends when she meets the other critters he has.”  

Apparently Pare seem to have taken upon himself to take care of the other woodland creature that came by, either from the meadow around the fairy field or even Bog’s territory.  He had a lot of space and kept large stalls where Chipper and Lizzie reside in and of course there was Puck who stay with him all the time.  She was sure those he and Primrose would get along just fine and there wouldn’t be any problems really.

Bog couldn’t help but feel grateful towards Marianne for what she was doing for his sake.  She always seemed more levelheaded and knew just what to do in these situations.  

Of course, there had also been that elf, Sunny who had helped after asking (well demanding more like it) for his assistance.  

After all, he did owe him for what had happened to his former fortress that they didn’t bring about unless someone wanted to tick Bog off.  But still he proved to come through when he made the immediate suggestion on seeing his friend Pare in the village.  He didn’t seem the type to be put off with that damn creature since he had to deal with Puck constantly.  What’s one more to him?

He was this close to tasting that very sweet victory that he could have broken out in a song and dance just from sheer joy.  But he kept it in since he didn’t want anyone to witness him doing that especially being in a public place as they were.  

He watched as Gisela hand the imp over to the large elf and asking him to take great care of her, saying one more goodbye to Primrose before following her mother and older brother as they flew off towards the palace.  

Bog was the last to head off as he was busy giving Pare specific instructions and a friendly reminder to keep an eye on her and under no circumstance, let it come to the palace for any reason.  

Unless it was a serious matter, of life or death situation, which seemed highly unlikely since they seem imperious to being fatally injured or something otherwise.  The children could visit it of course, but no way was it going to be let inside the royal household to disturb his needed sanity for some peace and quiet.

The next few days with no sign of that irritating imp were pure bliss to Bog.  What was especially good was he and Marianne enjoyed their own quality time together, even with the boring political discussion they had with the king and his council.  He found it all to be quite enjoyable and wasn’t long before it was time to head on home.  

The children had already said their goodbyes to everyone, Aunt Dawn promising to come see them when she can and also handing them some goodies to take home with them.  She had been kissing Soren all over, causing the toddler to giggle at his silly auntie’s antics.  Marianne had been talking to her father and promising to come back next month with the children to attend one of the festivals held.  

“All right let’s get going everyone!” He was sure his mother was anxious to see them as well, and also to smother her grandchildren, sobbing how much she missed them even though she got to see them on a daily basis.

“Don’t forget Fluffy daddy!”

Bog try his best to keep from rolling his eyes, “Yes of course sweetie, we wouldn’t want to leave her behind.  So, let’s go pick up the ra—I mean Fluffy and we can all go home.”  

Marianne had shot him a pointed look, knowing what he was about to say, but the children were too busy fluttering through the village and heading straight for Pare’s home to take notice.  They found him out in the stables with Lizzie and Chipper, giving the squirrel a good brush-down when they came over.  “Why morning y’all, looks like the whole family’s here.”

“Hiya Mr. Pare, we’re here to pick up Fluffy, is she here?”  

They saw the robust elf pointed towards the open field, “Oh yes she’s out back right now but I think it’s going to be a while before you can get her.  I mean, she’s kinda saying her goodbyes with Puck at the moment since they’re really good friends.”

Bog didn’t like having to wait it out and decided to go fetch her himself and went flying off in the direction Pare mention.  Marianne shook her head at her husband’s impatience and seeing him take off like that.  She then turned to Pare and thanked him for the help he did.

“I hope she hasn’t been any trouble for you.”

“Oh no not at all, in fact she was just an absolute darling.  She and Lizzie became quite good friends, and she got along with everyone, especially Puck.  Those two can’t seem to get enough of each other.  Never seen the little guy more happy the way they were all hoppity and such.”  

He then had to bend over and leaning down to whisper in Marianne’s ear, “I think he’s got a wee bit of a crush on her, which is kinda sweet, and I think she feels the same way since those two have been running off together in the middle of the night and not coming back until later in the morning.  The little scamps seem so tuckered out when they do come in but have a lot of energy later once they rested.”

Marianne could only imagine why and it wasn’t hard to picture in her head what those two imps did in their spare time.  She tried hard to stifle the chuckle when she heard what sounded like Bog and seem to be quite the ruckus going on.  

There was a lot of sharp hissing and growling as well as her husband cursing in his brogue tongue and recognized some of the phrases he used as he yelled out.  

She was lucky that the kids weren’t paying much attention to the abrupt noises and would have to later remind Bog when they get home that he didn’t make this an occasional thing around the children.  She didn’t want them to be picking it up on this so soon, especially with Soren who had the tendency to listen and then try to mimic back what was said.

“Oww, that’s it, you little miscreant, get back here!”

“Well, it sounds to me Puck isn’t ready to say goodbye to Primrose just yet.”

“Yeah, sounds like it.” It wasn’t that long before they saw Bog flit right in, his wings flapping in mild irritation and appeared a little roughed up from the looks of it.  His face was covered with bruises and scratches and his forearm litter entirely with bite marks as he was holding Primrose who was gnawing on it as he walk over towards them.  

“Fluffy there you are!”  Primrose stopped what she was doing when she the kids and jump out of the king’s grasp and went straight for Gisela.  She was purring in delight as the girl hugged her, giggling as she nuzzled her face against hers.  Bog was muttering darkly under his breath as Marianne walked over towards her husband, “Hey, you all right?”

“I’m fine really, just a couple minor scraps, it’s nothing really.  C’mon let’s go home.”


“Marianne can we please just drop it!” Marianne saw how tense he was and decide to do as he ask.  Soon the whole family was traveling back to the Dark Forest, the imp now being held in Oberon’s arms since Gisela could bear the full weight of her pet.  

They made it home within the hour and heading for the fortress that was set inside the ancient oak in the center of the forest.  Bog found everything seem to be just as they had left it and .  They saw Griselda was in the throne room and was asking how their trip went and the children began to tell her about their time in the Fairy kingdom.  Seeing that the kids would be fine, Marianne took her husband to the training hall.  
Bog really needed a distraction and what better way than having a one on one with just the two of them, which was easier said than done.  They sparred for hours, trading blow for blow and seeing him focus on striking and defending from her sword.  It seemed to do the job just fine for him and did help somehow ease the tension to turn all his energy into their practice.  

Things got even more intense between them when it got late in the day and she decided after winning the seventh round to claim her victory in the bedroom and he didn’t mind at all.  In all case, it was a win-win really so who was he to complain?

Yes life seem to be sorta all right inside the Dark forest, even with Primrose up to her mischievous mischief that got to him but Bog had something else that made up for everything.  A few weeks after their return from the Fairy Kingdom, he and Marianne found out that they were expecting another seedling in the pot.  

Course with this going on and finding he was going to have another child, he forgot all about that imp and thought nothing else could bring his mood around.  

Oh how terribly wrong he was….

They had been in the studies together, Marianne was lying on the couch with a book prop open and a hand on her slightly rounded stomach with Bog looking over some documents when their daughter entered the room. “Daddy!”

Bog lift his head and turning to see his daughter rushing towards him, “Yes Ella what is it?”

“It’s Fluffy, I can’t find her anywhere!” Gisela had been bringing a treat for her and hadn’t seen any sign of her so she went to go find her parents in hopes they might have.  When she noticed the imp wasn’t with them and that even Oberon had said he’ll help look around while she go ask their dad if he had come across her friend.  

Bog’s brow lift slightly, that’s what this was all about.  “Oh, we haven’t seen her either but I’m sure she’s around somewhere.  She’ll come out when she gets hungry at the very least.”  

He turn back to the paper in his grasp, finding the inquiry of those new tunnel designs were very intriguing, more so than hearing about Fluffy not being around.  It was a mixed blessing in itself as that imp had not once bother him all week and found it to be the best thing to ever happen to him.

Bog didn’t notice but Marianne saw how Gisela’s lower lip quivered and looking on the verge of tears. She put a mark in the book and turning towards her husband who was still pouring over those papers, “Bog maybe you should go and check around.  I haven’t seen Primrose either all day and she could be hiding somewhere the kids haven’t look yet.”

Bog try not to groan, seeing what she was trying to do.  He was not going to let himself be pulled into this matter.  “Marianne now really I don’t think it’s something to be fretting over, she’s probably—“

“Bog…” He froze at the tone she used and knew better than to argue, especially now that she was six months pregnant and was more moody than usual.  

Not to mention he saw the plate that had the small knife which she used to cut her food not too far from her reach…

“Yes, you’re right; I shall go and look!”  He quickly left the room and Gisela went towards her mother’s side, “Do you really think daddy will find her?”

Marianne reached out to brush back her hair and staring at her with a serene smile, “Of course, don’t worry daddy will find her, he will I promise.”  Call it a strong hunch but she had no doubt that he might come across the imp and had a feeling he would find her in the most unexpected manner.  Just then the door open and they saw Stuff coming over to tell her that Princess Dawn had finally arrive and was waiting in the dining hall.  

Well she’ll worry about her husband later, she had to go see what Dawn had been up to and also talk about the baby planning that needed to be done.  Dawn always did seem the more creative type and she was grateful for lending her help with certain baby related things.

“Here Primrose, here Primrose, come out come out wherever you are, you little annoying bit of fluff…”

It had been at least almost two hours and Bog had been checking the entire fortress from top to bottom, every place he could think that an imp would hide in and didn’t find a single hair of it.  

All this flying about was making him parch.  So he started heading for the kitchen and also since he hadn’t check there just yet.  He looked around and didn’t see any sign of the imp in there either.  

Bog wonder just where could it have gone?  He already sent some goblins to scourge the forest and didn’t think it would be out there but didn’t mean it would hurt to look.

It’s not like it could vanish into thin air, although it’s likely possible it decided to run off and go live somewhere else.  Maybe it was for the best.  Sure the kids would be upset for some time but at least he wouldn’t have to worry about his staff being chewed on or—

Suddenly he heard something; it sounded almost familiar, like a chirping noise and was coming from one of the large stock cabinet.  He walked towards it, hearing it was definitely coming from that one.  He grab both handles and threw the doors open and saw something that shocked the living daylights out of him.  

“What the—oh no!  No, no no no no no no nonononononono….” This can’t be happening; this had to be a nightmare, a bad dream.  It couldn’t be this!
This was the very last thing he wanted to see and was shaking his head as he looked at what was right there in front of him.  He was unaware that someone else was in the room with him until he heard his son’s voice calling out to him.

“Dad did you find—” Oberon was coming right behind him when he saw something and turning to his father, “Uh, dad what—“

“Oh look at that, com’n we gotta go, your mother’s calling!”  He picked up the boy and carried him out of the room, not daring to look back as he sped out of there like the devil was on his tail.

Marianne was in the dining hall with Dawn who was asking how the pregnancy was going so far over a nice relaxing cup of chamomile tea and blueberry pie.  She was about to say something when they heard the door crash open and turned to see what it was.  

“Bog what are you—”

Marianne was to say shock when she saw that Bog looked slightly pale and shaken when he rushed in with Oberon in the crook of his arms.  He looked absolutely terrible and hearing him saying, “It’s happening!  The horror, the terrible horror, it’s multiplying itself already!”

Marianne and Dawn turned to Oberon, who seemed to be the only one not looking totally shocked, although slightly confused as he went to explain what happened.  

“We found Primrose in the kitchen, but apparently she’s not the only one in there.”

Both sisters looked to one another and then got up at once as they went to check it out for themselves.  They made their way in and Marianne was a little shocked with what she saw while Dawn was squealing up a storm as she saw them and clapped her hands saying how adorable it was.

Apparently, the goblins in the kitchen had come across the very round Fluffy and had made some sort of nest in there, and within a short time she gave birth to an entire litter right in that living space.  

About fifteen or so little white and pink squirmy, fleshy, mewling, miniature-looking imps…

Oh boy…Marianne sighed while trying to ignore her sister as she went to pick one up and cuddled it against her face, gushing over how cute it was before turning to Primose, who raised her head and stared passively back at her.  

“You really outdid yourself, huh?  Kudos you.  Well better go ask Griselda to see about this and also figure a way to snap Bog out of the state he’s in.  The last thing we need is a dumbstruck ruler who’s stuck like a statue and acting like a mad idiot.”

It was a total shocker but it did worked out okay, eventually as Marianne got Bog to come to his sense again and helping him remain calm even as he did mutter, ‘the horror, the horror.’

Griselda did know what to do and had Stuff and Thang to help take care of Primrose and her babies.  The little ones grew and it wasn’t long before they were weaned and able to set out and explore outside the fortress.  Some decided to go live in the forest; others headed for the Elf village where many got adopted when they were found by the children and kept as pets.  Pare seem to enjoy having some drop by his place and made sure to keep some treats handy when they swung by and see him.

A few imps decided on staying within the fortress, much to the Bog King’s dismay, especially as his own kids grew fond of them and later on within the years, his youngest child kept the smallest of the lot and called it Runt.

Bog after getting over his recent episode and making a vow that the next time they went and visit the Elf village, he would see that Puck would never go within ‘dark forest’ radius of Primrose as he didn’t wish for them to continue expanding their number by which they already had so far.  

Unfortunately, he could barely do anything as no matter how many times he tried to prevent the inevitable, Puck managed to sneak in and always get Primrose to have another litter every season.  

Looks like the imp population would no longer be considered at a low with its new number on the rise.
Strange Magic: Imp-ish Love

Ever wonder why the imp went through all that trouble to use the love potion in the first place? Well there’s an easy answer to it, and Bog finds he’s not so thrilled that his own kids found it.


Set around Six Flower Petals with the first three before the fourth child(s) that comes later.  Also I like to say thanks to tmwillson3 for helping me write this out and hope you go check out her work as well.  She's also working on my Six Flower Petals and is great to read and should enjoy very much

…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stop so abruptly like that.  I just kinda got lost in that moment as I thought back on it.  

You would have been so proud of those two for what they did.  Standing by your brother through the worst of it and not letting it get them down especially when word got out to the other kingdom about his condition.  

We had done everything we thought could help, and as time passed we realized he wasn’t going to have his wings at all and that he had been born without them in the first place.  

Believe me, to find out that it would be impossible for one of our own to never get the chance to fly alongside us, his own family, is a very bitter bark to swallow.  

Sometimes I feel it’s my fault that your brother is the way he is, but your mother wouldn’t hear it.  She would constantly remind me that it’s very rare among the fair folk and that most fairies contract in their lives and shouldn’t let this hang over my head.  

She even related that a few in her family had been inflicted with that condition, something about a second cousin thrice removed, or was it third cousin twice removed, can’t really say for certain, but she said that we shouldn’t let this be a burden and be supportive.    

Yet I can’t help wishing that I could do something for your brother as I fear what might happen later on in his life as he grows.  It’s not that the goblins would think any less of him; he’s one of my heirs after all.  

It’s just that I worried how those from your mother’s kingdom will see him since he’ll stick out like a sore talon amongst them even if your mother is one of the rulers there.  

But despite these issues, being without wings didn’t make him any less, just different than others.

I know this might seem confusing since it doesn’t seem so upsetting.  You see, we try to keep an open mind and look at things more optimistically.  We both agreed that no matter what happened, we would always love our children.  

It never did bother Soren or his siblings at the very least, and any who said otherwise had to go up against Oberon or Gisela, and believe me, you do not want to go messing with those two.

Soren knows and no one saw him any less as to who he was, just what was important on the inside.  That’s the important thing; you will eventually understand that when you’re a little older.  It didn’t matter that he wouldn’t be able to fly, and he managed quite well without having wings.  

He makes up for it by his shrewd cleverness and has a gift for tinkering.  You will someday see what he does with the things the goblins would find, coming up with all kinds of resourceful sorts and becoming very useful for our kingdom and everyone else.  Your brother is quite the little genius and doesn’t like to brag, but he definitely got it from your daddy, that’s for sure.

Although sometimes your brother’s inventions would wind up in the twins’ grasp, your other two siblings although they seem to act as one person, and caused more mayhem than everyone combined than anyone else we know.  

They are known as the Terrible Twosome and for good reason.  There are so many things I can tell you about them, but one thing for sure is there’s never a dull moment when around them, although you can’t help but wonder if you might have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your days, depending if you were to be their latest target for their little gag.  

You best avoid that if you don’t want to end up like what happened a while back….

“LOKE! ERIS!”  Bog yelled as he went to find those two mischief-makers, as they were the cause of this mayhem for the fifth time this month.  He had been trying to stay calm, but after what happened, he found himself zooming about the entire fortress searching for those two.

He looked in every nook and cranny he could find, thinking where would he go if he were them until he smacked himself on the head for being so stupid and flew straight for the dungeon.  

Of course!  That would be the very last place he would ever consider looking and guessing that’s where they were hiding at that moment.  Well not for long!

They were slippery little devils that always chose to vamoose whenever possible to keep from being caught after their latest antics, waiting for the heat to die down.  

He remembered what happened a couple years back at the Spring Ball in Fairy Kingdom and what chaos they did there.  He admitted he never really fancied attending them, but did it for Marianne and was trying to be as civil with his own Father-in-law to keep it nice especially when the old man seemed to get used to him, but only for his grandchildren.  

Though the twins hadn’t found it all that fun and decided to ‘spice’ things up a bit.  How they managed to find those herbs and managed to add them to the food and wine before everyone started running around with mouths open and trying to find the nearest water source they could reach, no one knew.

No one would be able to forget it for as long as they would live.  Now he was focused on finding them and giving them a very long lecture with a swift swat to their lower backside, not in that order to be precise.

It wasn’t that hard to find them hiding inside one of the lower rooms down below as he threw the hatch open and found them staring like two scared rabbits caught by a fox. They may be able to blend so well in the shadows, but seeing their wings flittering with trepidation as they saw him standing in the doorway gave them away and knew they were caught.

He stared down at the two with arms crossed over his chest, scowling at them.  They were much different than their other siblings, being born with the darker distinct features of his family side.  

They had pale skin with an earthen undertone on their carapace armor with tiny horns slowly growing out.  Loke’s had his father’s, while Eris inherited from their great-grandmother who was once Queen of the Dark Forest, most fearsome goblin of them all.  

The rumors also were that she had been half-fairy, but he couldn’t really be certain as he hadn’t been all that interested in looking back down his family line to know about their past.  Now it seemed it was coming right out with their descendants, and gaining something of a reputation that seemed as close to what their predecessor had.  

Loke’s were curved from the side of his head, while Eris’s were twisted and pointed up above her cranium.  Their dark hair and eyes made them seem intimidating as did the pointy ears and markings right down to the sharp fangs and claws they both shared.  

Some would comment they were more Goblin than Fairy given their daunting disposition, while the opposite was said they look more Fairy than Goblin, given they still had the well-defined features of the fair folk, although their wings were not of the brighter pastel but of a much deeper color.  Loke’s were a deep burgundy mixed with brown and etched in black, and Eris had a mix of sapphire and emerald with silver outlining them.  

They were quite the mischievous pair and yet if he had to give his own opinion of these two, it would be imps in the making.  

They were more impish in a sense, especially whenever Puck, that little annoying trickster would show up, and they became the Terrifying Trio that liked to spread unspeakable madness whenever they got the chance.  

No one was safe from them and the only ones to keep the twins at bay were Marianne or himself.  Unfortunately, Marianne had been out with her sister and wouldn’t be back until later so that left him in charge to deal with these two.

“Do you have anything to say about this?” The twins were looking to their feet, finding the ground more interesting and not even daring to lift their heads.  “Well…I’m waiting.”

Finally one of them spoke and was Loke, who answered, “We didn’t mean to.  We were just testing Soren’s latest berry bombs. We wanted to see if it really worked as well as it should and Eris suggested the hall to test them in.”

“HEY!”  Eris turned to glare at her twin and bared her sharp teeth menacingly.  How dare he try to place the blame on her, well two can play this game!  

She turned and looked at her father and with all the sweet innocence she could muster into her eyes saying, “Daddy that’s not true at all.  It wasn’t me; it was all his idea!  He was the one planning on setting it off there and saying no one would find out.”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Was not!”

“Was too!”

“Not! Too! Not! Too! N—“

“ENOUGH!”  Bog slammed his staff down hard, grabbing both of their attention and stopping their nonstop bickering.  They turned their downcast gaze away and looked just as guilty as their father glowered at them. “I don’t care who started what, the point is you were both involved, so you each share the same responsibilities.”

“We’re sorry, daddy.”

“We didn’t know you were going to be there at the time.”  They answered with absolute sincerity in their voices.  They, in all honesty, would never have done it in the first place had they known their father was with all the others at that hour.  

They might have chosen to wait or save it for another time, but it was already too late once the trap was sprung and the arsenals were sent flying into the large hall.  They watched the chaos explode right there before running for lives after hearing their father’s animalistic roar that said to head for the hills!

Not daring to look up, knowing how scary their father can be when he was absolutely angry over something, they knew he had good reason right then with them.  

The Bog King was a terrifying persona, and yet that didn’t seem to work as he was completely covered from head to toe in pink berry juice, with some shiny glimmer mixed in, thanks to Loke’s intuitive suggestion.  

There had been a whole batch they threw down there, seeing the results on his wings that seemed to leave glittery dust in their wake.  Right now they were flicking rapidly since he was very upset with them for this latest prank of theirs.

Bog craned his neck, and his armor clicked together, showing how very ticked he was over this.  He was trying his best not to let them take the full brunt of it because even though he was furious, they were still his flesh and blood.

“Yes, well thanks to that enlightening experience, we had to deal with crazy insects that caught whiff of whatever was in those ‘berries’, and I’m guessing you had added Primroses to the batch.”  

He doubted Sugar Plum would ever dare get herself involved, so unless Puck had managed to snare some Love Potion from the unsuspecting fairy, he wouldn’t put it past them to see they had this planned for quite some time.

“Yeah, we kinda did along with some pollen and other potent stuff just to see what would happen if they were affected by that.”  

Loke flinched as his father turned to him and lowered his head back down, not wanting to look into those steely blue orbs and know they were screwed.  

It was a good thing mother wasn’t around, or they would have been in much deeper trouble than they already were.

“We’re sorry,” they said simultaneously at the same time, “We won’t do it again.”

“You’re right you won’t, because as of right this moment, you two are officially grounded until I said otherwise which means no flying, no going out to the forest and no visiting the Elf village.”  

He swung his scepter out, pointing towards the stairs.  He said, “Now march right up to your room and don’t think for one second you’re off the hook so easily.  I will be informing your mother about this when she returns, and believe me she’ll have a few choice things to say about this.”  

The two groaned as they went past their dad and right up, knowing he wasn’t one to kid, and their mom would be giving them an earful on this matter and not in a good way.
Strange Magic: Six Flower Petals Chapter 5
Okay here's my next piece and this one has twins, oh the humanity, can you imagine how Bog is in this situation. I like to also thank tmwillson3 for betaing this story for me and hope you like it.
So you see that was really all it took for them to truly bond despite the rocky start they had at the beginning.  All siblings have them, and of course they still did from time to time when they would argue over something but would get over them long enough to forgive one another.  

Since then, those two had become quite the inseparable pair.  Oberon was the doting older brother who was very protective of his little sister, and Gisela never left his side for one second since he was always there to help her in any case.  

To think all this was because she decided on calling your brother ‘oob’.

It took a while but to see them both getting along was well worth the wait.  We were both so happy and knew we wouldn’t have to worry so much about them.  

Then a year later around mid-autumn, we had another child brought into our family.  It was another boy, and we named him Soren.  

Soren looked so much like your mother with the exception being his eyes.  They were brown but had some bits of green mixed in from your grandfather, making them more hazel in color.  

Yes, he could pretty much pass off as a fairy, which I don’t really mind honestly, though he does have some of my armor on his forearms and legs, the claws and longer canines like myself that do prove to be pretty useful from time to time.  

I was very much grateful that your brother had been born before the first of the frost had started setting in.  You don’t know this, but winter is considered the absolute worst for fairies and also very dangerous to their health, especially to the younglings.  

They just can’t handle the cold like goblins can and usually have to migrate to warmer climates and wait till the frost melts and returning home when spring came.

Your mother used to do that before we even started courting but later found it unbearable.  It was just that we couldn’t very well stand having to go through the long separation that kept us from being with one another.  

You have no idea how hard it was the first time when I had to spend those long agonizing months without your mother and never wanted to go through that ever again.  She felt the exact same way and decided we would come up with an alternative that would allow us to stay side by side.  

Not even those harsh winter months could keep us apart as I refused to let your mother just slip away from me so easily, and she knew it.  

I would’ve gone after her myself and brought her to the fortress and tied her to the bed and…um you know what never mind you don’t really need to hear any of that.  

Your mother would not be pleased to have you hear about what goes on behind certain bedchambers or knowing what your mommy and daddy do in their spare time.  Just forget I even brought it up okay, sweetie, do it for daddy?

So now what was I saying? Oh right, that we wouldn’t let the winter keep us apart so we came up with a way to keep the fortress warm and insulating heat during those bitter months.  I also had my goblins hoarding, stocking up on provisions, and keeping a large supply of fur and other varieties that would keep us warm for a very long time.  

It wouldn’t do to have your mother or the children freeze when it became too cold to bear.

Also from what I’m told, there are difficult complications when giving birth during that time of year, which is why they try to have the child around spring to late autumn.  

It was very fortunate for your brother that was not the case since he came just right on the mark, and he turned out fine.  

But sadly, there’s one thing you must know, and hopefully you’ll come to accept it just as we have for him while he was only a few months old then….

Gisela had been going to the kitchen to get herself a cup of nectar before heading straight for bed when she heard the noise coming in from the hall.  Curious and wanting to know who was there, she decided to take a quick peek and saw that her parent was flying in.  

She wanted to go say hi but saw that they looked to be having a serious conversation for some reason.  She was watching as they headed straight for Soren’s room and were busy fretting over the toddler while he was snugged in their mother’s arms, fast asleep.  

The small child was unaware of the concern they both shared as her parents were having a quiet discussion without waking him.  The look upon their faces had her worried and went to go see the one person who might know something.  She knocked before hearing him say it was open.  

“Big brother?”  

She saw him lying out in bed, his hands behind his head and staring up at the ceiling.  Oberon was looking more like their dad with each passing day.  From the grayish skin and armor that was the exact same earthen color, give or take with his molting now upon him and waiting until it came off to show his new exoskeleton underneath.  

He definitely had their dad’s look, from his pointy nose and chin as well as those same piercing blue eyes that were staring in the darkness with no need for light.  The only exception that stood out for him was his hair, which was brown like their mother’s but became darker at the roots and had dark streaks going through it.

He had it pushed back from his prominent brow with the chiton crown showing and spiked upward, giving him that extra wicked appeal to him.  

He was slightly tall for someone his age as his limbs were starting to grow out and become much longer now, giving him that lanky appeal.

In just a few more years, people would see he was definitely his father’s son whenever they made the comparison between him and his sire.

He had gone to bed early because he was feeling the itch again and couldn’t stand the idea of going about scratching himself in public and preferred doing it in the privacy of his room.  

Ever since his armor had started to harden itself, he knew he had to deal with it for a while longer.  Father said that it was normal since this was his first molt, but he hated the feeling that he couldn’t very well reach under and scratch at them.  Even with the tiny sticks and soothing oil to help ease some of the itchiness, it could not keep him from growling out.

He was half tempted to tear at them, but dad had strictly forbid him since it was not time yet to and would be very painful if he dared to.  Why couldn’t it be over sooner?  So here he was, minding himself when he heard someone knocking outside his door and wondering who it could be at this hour.  He saw it was Gisela coming in and wondering what she needed from him when it was obvious she should have been in bed.  

“Hey, Ella, what are you doing still up?”  He could tell something was wrong the moment she walked in and saw her looking all upset like that. “You okay, sis?”

“Big brother, is something wrong with Soren?”  He blinked, certainly caught off-guard by that question.  He was surprised she was asking this and wondered why she brought it up all of a sudden.  

Did it have to do with this afternoon when their folks went to the Fairy Kingdom and took Soren with them and left grandma in charge?  He knew that they had said they were taking their brother to see a specialist over there but didn’t say how long they would be gone for, but he guessed they just got back if that’s the reason Gisela was here.

“Why do you ask?”  He was giving her his full attention, knowing that she would tell him why exactly she was asking him this.

So she told him, how she saw them down the hall and the way they were acting as they carried Soren to his room and had been quietly talking along the way but unfortunately couldn’t hear what they were talking about.  

“I don’t know why but I did overhear one of the goblins the other day say something about mommy and daddy taking him to the healers.  Do they think something is wrong with him?  Do you think he’s okay?”

“Maybe, but I think I know what it is that got mom and dad so worried.”  He went to sit up straight and beckon her to come up here.  She did and he tried to find the best way to tell his little sister what he already put together in his head.  “Have you noticed it’s been almost a year now since Soren was born?”

He waited, and it didn’t take her long to process what he was saying as she looked too surprised by this information.  “You mean because he hadn’t got his wings out yet like we did.”  

It was true, theirs had taken a few months after being born as the tiny hard nubs on their backs grew and expand themselves before these tiny wings unfurled within the following week.  It had been far from being a very pleasant experience as he had been in and out for the most part and then just recovering after dealing with the worst pain ever.  

But he did remember how Ella had been crying loudly as hers were coming out, even with mother trying to calm her and being supportive as they helped to get them to pop.  They had been on bed rest recovering for at least a few days and had a hard time walking about as the new weight from their wings made it difficult for them to find balance and practically stumble about if mother and father weren’t there to help them until they got used to their appendages.

Oberon had their father’s transparent fliers while Gisela’s were like their mother’s, but a much deeper violet with a little added blue and gold mixed in.  Their parents were already having them practice hovering with them side by side just to get used to it.  They would be given flying lessons soon when it came time.  

Their younger brother however had yet to have his show, and that’s what got their parents to take him to see the healers from both kingdoms and seeking outside advice from others that were allies of theirs.

“I heard Aunt Dawn say something that he might be a late bloomer, that sometimes it happens to most Fairies and don’t have them until maybe in their early to late teens.”  

Though he didn’t say it out loud, there was also the fact that a few, the ones rarer than most, sometimes never even had them and weren’t considered truly fairy folk at all.  

Sure it might have something to do with being half-goblin, but dad had wings, so maybe it would be a while before they started to show.  They could only hope as that being the best case scenario.

They were sitting in silence for a moment until Gisela had to say something and ask the very dreaded question he was thinking about.

“Do, do you think it’s possible that he’ll never grow his out and won’t be able to fly like the rest of us?”  It was a terrifying thought to consider such an outcome.  To never get the chance to feel the wind under his wings or move about with such ease in the sky.  

This upset Gisela a great deal, thinking it wasn’t fair.  When she and Oberon had learned they were to be expecting a new sibling, instead of looking at it negatively, they took it in stride and saw how well they handled one another, figuring they could do the same for this one.  

Although Oberon took to keeping his face a safe distance from the baby as he didn’t want a repeat of what happened last time.  Still, he had to admit he saw that having a little brother wouldn’t be so bad and could have someone take part in some games that girls wouldn’t be interested in doing.

But now to think that Soren would never partake in such activities where it involves one to fly about was not easy to think and also how others might react once they found out...

“I’m sure mom and dad will figure something; maybe Sugar Plum might be able to help.  She’s a spirit, and spirits are magical, so they must know a spell or two that could help in some way.”  

He doubted it, as he didn’t think their fairy godmother would be of help but it was the thought that counted.

“I hope so,” she sniffed, seeing she was on the verge of crying before her brother said that, “Because if there isn’t then let’s vow we won’t think any less of him or let anyone else for that matter.”  

He liked that, considering that should anyone try to mess with their little brother, they would have to answer to them, especially the future king of the Goblins.  

They were unaware that someone was listening to their conversation as he stood outside the room.  Bog had been about to check on his two children while Marianne put Soren to bed when he overheard them talking and what they said.  

He knew how upsetting it would be to let them know, and yet, hearing what they were saying, he couldn’t help feeling more proud of them for such consideration towards their little brother.

Bog realized that he and Marianne might not have to worry after all.  That Soren would be all right as long as they were there to support him and show him that he didn’t have to fear as they would stand right behind him all the way.
Strange Magic: Six Flower Petals Chapter 4
Okay here's the third child set in and also some interaction between two siblings that go over something that's very important and is one of my more serious thoughtful chapter, hope everyone finds this as touching as I have. I like to also thank tmwillson3 for betaing this story for me and hope you like it.
…And that’s how it was when your brother made his unexpected entrance into our lives.  He just couldn’t wait a few more weeks like he was supposed to.  Unlike you, he just had to make an unannounced arrival a month before he should have and nearly gave me, your own father the almighty Bog King, a heart attack.  

Still, had I known it would be on that very day, I would have skipped that meeting altogether and stayed by your mother’s side then.  Although I’m sure your grandmother would’ve kicked me out anyways if I had tried to stay and help.

But it all worked out, you see.  Your brother turned out all right, and I can tell you we have never been happier than we were when we got to hold him in our arms.  You’ll like him once you two meet; he definitely looks just like your daddy, though seems to carry your mother’s stubborn streak—‘don’t tell your mother I said that’.  

There’s one other thing I should mention, as he does have a sharp-tongued attitude you may want to watch out for, yet I doubt he would use it against you anyways.  I really have no idea where he got that from, but can honestly say it’s not from my side at least.  

But then again, perhaps it might have something to do with when your mother was pregnant with the second of your siblings, and we sorta forgot to explain it to him what was going on then...

Oberon noticed that something was up when he took notice of his parents’ odd behavior.  Not to say they weren’t when they were being all ‘lovey-dovey’ to one another, but there was something else to it he couldn’t quite place his finger on.  He may be only two and a half - close to being three - but he was not blind to see what was happening around him.

He thought back to how in the last couple months, his mother had been very sick.  She would be throwing up in the early hours before first light and then sometimes in the later afternoon.  She would then be put on bed rest and woke up still exhausted for no apparent reason, even if she were to sleep half the day away.  

Fortunately those days came to pass, but still he wondered what had made her so ill all of a sudden.  It didn’t seem contagious as far as he could tell since no one else had it.  His father didn’t seem all that troubled by what was happening, as he would be by her side and rubbing her tummy in small circles.  It was very confusing and even mind-boggling to him.  They obviously knew what was going on, and he wasn’t even let in on what it was.  

The goblins were no help either as everyone seemed to be in a titter of sorts, especially his grandma with her knitting very small outfits out of spider silk.  Thang and Stuff were even acting suspicious and moving things around on dad’s order to one of the empty bedrooms down the hall.  

Then within the following months, mom’s stomach started to expand and grow big.  She looked like she swallowed a small boulder which made her much heavier, and she couldn’t fly about as much as before and was acting all moody and such.  He couldn’t take it anymore and had to find out and went to go find his father. He finally had enough of all this and demanded to know what was going on.  He was going to get a straight answer from him, one way or another.  

“Daddy, what’s going on?”  

He had so many questions he would very much like to ask at once.  Like why is everyone acting so odd?  Why was mummy’s tummy so big? Why was everything being moved around and placed in that room?

The Bog King turned to see his son standing right behind him, staring up with those same blue eyes.   With such a serious expression set on his little face, Bog wondered if he had ever been that way when he was that age.  

Oberon seemed to have a lot more perspective of everything going on around him.  He would have to be blind not to see what’s been happening.  Bog knew he should have said something earlier on, but with all the necessary preparation, he had wondered how to best tell him since he never dealt with it before himself, being an only child all his life.  

Marianne might’ve been able to better explain it, but she went with his mother to go see the healer, leaving him in charge of everything.  He thought now might be a good enough time to do so since there was no way to keep beating around the bush.  He carried Oberon to the throne room and sat him down in his lap.

“Well son, the reason for all…this is because of what’s going on with your mother right now.  It’s not like she’s sick in a bad way; it’s because it’s something else that’s affecting her which is sorta good.”

“When will mummy be back to normal?” He didn’t like seeing mummy like this and hoped she’d get better soon.

“In another three months or so.”  Give or take, with how the Sugar Plum Fairy estimated and said the babe would be born before the first of summer came about, hence why everyone had been getting things underway just in case that wasn’t it.

“Why?” What was so important that it took three more months before everything would return to the way they were.  Why couldn’t they just be done quicker?  “Um, well you see, there’s something you must know, it’s um…”

“Oh now c’mon just tell him already!”  Oberon saw his grandmother walking over along with Aunt Dawn and the Sugar Plum Fairy coming in.  His mother was with them and had her hands over her tummy.  He hadn’t seen her all day and immediately hopped down and rushed to her side, trying to hug her as much as her stomach would allow him to.

“Mummy, are you okay?  Dad is not making much sense in telling me what’s going on.   What did he mean it was good even if it’s making you sick?”  

He heard Sugar Plum say something, like ‘You don’t like hearing riddles, yet gave one to your own son on the matter?’ but his entire focus was on his mother who he knew would give it to him straight.  She attempted to bend as much as she could and look him in his eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s not as bad as it seems.  Sure the sickness and mood swings I could do without, but you see there’s a reason for all this.  It’s because in a few months’ time, you’ll be having a little brother or sister very soon.”  

Oberon stared at her even when dad went to join her side and wondered if this was some sort of joke his parents were pulling on him.  Like somehow Puck the imp had decided to prank with them.  He didn’t know what to do or even say before he actually decided on doing something and that was running out of the hall straight for his room.

…I suppose we should have done it sooner instead of at the very last minute telling him that.  I mean, we had both considered having another child but were so focus on the pregnancy that we never stopped to think what Oberon would feel when this came about.  I guess the shock of finding out what was going on was difficult for him to accept.  

It was understandable that he wouldn’t take this very well, and we figured we should give him some needed space to let him get used to the idea.  It took a couple weeks before he did start coming out of his room, and then it was time for your sister to be born.  

I remember how he was when he got to meet her for the first time, and let’s just say it was certainly not what we had hoped for when they saw one another.

Oberon couldn’t believe that today was it and was already here.  He was standing right beside his father, who was busy staring at the small creature in his mother’s arms.  

She was … very pink and chubby-looking and had very little hair on her head.  She didn’t have the chiton horn on her brow like his, which he thought that at least he had something over her.

This was supposed to be his sister; she didn’t look like what he had imagined in the short time he tried to wrap his mind around that this one would be his sibling.

“Why does she look so funny?  Are all babies suppose to look like that or is it because she’s a girl?”

“Now, Obe, don’t be like that.  Now come over here and say hello to your sister.”

He did as his father requested, and after inspecting her closely, he looked right into those light purplish-blue eyes and said bluntly in her face, “You’re very weird-looking for a baby.”

He didn’t expect her to give a response to that, but what she did sure shocked everyone there.

What they saw was the infant bringing out her tiny foot from the loose covers and bopping Oberon in the nose with her heel, not so hard yet still taking him by surprise with her unexpected attack on him.  

Oberon cried out, not from pain but in total shock that she dare to strike out at him and wasn’t even a day old.  He glared down at the smug-looking infant with his hands over his nose and stomping out of the room fuming.

That could have gone a whole lot better.  Bog was still reeling over what he had just witnessed, and seeing this confrontation hadn’t been what they had in mind.  He turned to Marianne, who looked equally shocked as him by what happened. “Well, she’s a spirited wee thing, looks like she’s got your tough girl persona.”

“Yeah, didn’t think she’d go and do that just now.  She’s definitely surprised the both of us that’s for sure.”  She had the baby tucked back in and looked towards the door where Oberon had exited through.

This was not what she had in mind to get her son used to his little sister.  She knew all about sibling rivalry as it wasn’t all that uncommon since she and Dawn used to have a few tiffs at most when they were younger.  She had been hoping that if she could let him see her, that he might be willing to give it a try.  Though the idea of Oberon trying to get along with his baby sister at the moment might not happen for quite some time.  They would have to be patient and let them get used to each other.

“Give him time, love; I’m sure things will work out in the end.  Oberon will just need to get used to her being around.”

It did take a while for them, too, as Oberon refused to be in the same room anywhere with his little sister after what she did.  He had a small bruise on the tip of his nose, but that wasn’t the only thing that had been hurt, as his own pride was struck by that little whelp. Not even a day old and managed to get one over him!

Gisela, or Ella as she was sometimes called by Aunt Dawn, had practically awed everyone within the entire vicinity.  His mother’s pixies were always seen swirling around her, making her giggle as she attempted to reach out for them.

The Fairy King was even being very doting on her when he did visit, making her laugh loudly as she was being tickled by him and having everyone coo at the adorable noises she made.

Seeing everyone fawning over her made him very upset, even his mother having to pay her close attention felt so unfair.

He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever, even though he wanted to keep from being anywhere near that brat.  Unfortunately, his father decided enough was enough and had them both set in the same room, and having a few trusted goblins keep a close eye on them.

The playroom had been modified for both children, and some of Gisela’s things sat right along with Oberon’s toys in there.  Oberon decided he was going to sit as far away as he could.

Oberon didn’t have to say anything to voice his immediate displeasure, but sent a sharp glare over at the baby that was on the other side.  He was grabbing his toys to keep him occupied while Gisela was on her moss bedding, watching him with bright eyes full of curiosity.

He was busy setting up his soldiers in front of the miniature fortress and pretending he was sending them off to battle against some unknown foe and giving them orders, trying to sound commanding like the Bog King.  However, he could still feel her stare from across the room, and that started getting on his nerves.

“What are you looking at?”  He knew she wouldn’t be able to answer, nor did he expect her to.  She knew only a few words but was not able to make full sentences just yet.  Not that he cared to take notice since he had made it his mission in life to keep away from her.  He was not going to let himself be hit in the face again.

He went back to his game, having one of the giant goblins come down on this tiny blond fairy and mashing him over and over again.  He didn’t take any notice that the baby had slipped out of the bed and was slowly crawling her way over to him.  It wasn’t until he went to pick up one of the goblin guards that he found it missing and turned to find she had it in her mouth and was slobbering all over it.  

“Hey, give that here!”  He swiped it out of her grubby hands, and then saw it was covered in saliva.  He turned back and was ready to give her a piece of his mind when he saw her eyes watering up and lower lip quivering.  Oberon knew that if she started crying, his parents would come rushing in and then he’d be in trouble.

“You know what, fine, here!”  He handed it back, watching as she resumed putting it in her mouth and knowing there was no way he was going to play with it again, not after having baby drool all over it.  Now he would have to keep the rest from being contaminated by her icky, disgusting little—

“Oob!”  Oberon whirled around, wondering if he heard right and saw the baby holding out her tiny hands to him and saw she was smiling at him.  Not a pout or scowl but an actual smile.  He stared back at her with his brow furrowed, wondering just what was her game.

“My name is Oberon, O-bur-on, not oob!”  Where in all the dark forest did she come up with that ridiculous nickname?  She could at least try to say O-be as it was a lot easier and sounded much better than—

“Oob!”  He had to bite back the groan that wanted to escape him as he turned.  He was about to say something when he felt her tiny hand touch him, reaching for his face.  He was still wondering what she was up to when she stood on tiptoes and pressed a wet, slobbery kiss to his nose.  “Chu!”  

His face was burning bright red, right to the very tip of his ears.  “F-fine I guess you’re all right for a baby.  Doesn’t mean I like you, okay?” He saw Gisela squeak and made herself comfortable by getting in his lap and sitting in between his legs and pointing to the blond doll on the floor.  Oberon picked it up and handed it to her, watching as she pulled her small chubby arm back and sent it flying right out the open window.  

Oberon was staring at where she threw it through before turning to Gisela who was looking back at him quite innocently.  If anyone had expected him to get upset over that, they were in for a much bigger shock then.  It wasn’t long before he couldn’t hold it in much longer and started laughing.  It became contagious as she started giggling herself.  

This was what Bog and Marianne walked into, seeing both children laughing up a storm for no reason but saw they were getting along just fine.  The parents looked to one another and shared a warm smile before leaving the room, glad to see everything worked out fine.

Eventually the laughing subsided, and Oberon looked down at the toddler and saw her in a completely different light.  Maybe having a little sister wasn’t so bad after all.  At least he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else trying to take away their parents’ affection for a while.

It was later around dinnertime when Thang came into the dining hall holding what looked like a very dirty wooden soldier that only the distinct blond hair was recognizable among the muck and grime.  Marianne had decided that it was better to have them get rid of it as she was not going to let her children play with that thing ever again.  She and Bog shared a look and were later having a laugh, thinking how similar it was to one other blonde and how their children seemed to react to it.
Strange Magic: Six Flower Petals Chapter 3
Here's the third chap and I hope everyone enjoy the interaction between these two as I'm sure most who have siblings usually kinda go through this but never like Obe has with his baby sister.  I like to also thank tmwillson3 for betaing this story for me and hope you like it.
The Bog King was worried and had every right to be as of this moment.  No one could really blame him for the way he was reacting to all this.  He was in the grand hall sitting in his massive bone throne, shoulders hunched and armor clanking every so often from his anxiety.  He was growing ever so restless, along with his subjects watching him quietly from the sidelines.  They also shared that very same concern, especially when they heard the loud bellowing coming from the royal chamber where her majesty, Queen Marianne was.

Bog’s thoughts were running rampant inside his head and thinking why now all of a sudden.  This shouldn’t even be happening, the timing was way off and wasn’t supposed to be as of right now.  

Everything had seemed perfectly fine from this morning with him waking up to Marianne in his arms, his hand resting over her stomach and feeling the fluttery movement that showed their child was stirring.  That was the usual greeting he got and never got tired of that feeling.

Then the day progressed with them working on simple tasks into the early afternoon as they enjoyed a nice quiet luncheon together.  Bog had seen to her needs and made sure that under no circumstance would she eat anything raw or undercooked which could harm either her or the seedling in her womb.  

Speaking of the wee one, it seemed like the child had been more lively than ever, judging from the many swift kicks the wee one seemed to be giving Marianne.  She guessed the child was a bit restless and couldn’t stay still for very long without moving about so.  Dawn, when she had last visited and felt it herself, had commented how little Boggy Woggy Junior must like to boogie in there.

Bog, despite the urge to correct her on that given name, couldn’t help agreeing with her on that one since the child seem so active and thought when it came time for it to show the child will be giving them a run for their gold.  Although he would have liked to have spent time with Marianne and their very hyper offspring, he unfortunately had duties to attend, one being going to a council meeting in her father’s kingdom.  He would have preferred to stay right there with her, but Marianne was insistent that he go.  

She reminded him it was part of their duty to attend these things, and since she couldn’t go due to her condition, that it wouldn’t do for him to miss out on anything that might be of importance to either kingdom.  She would be fine, she said, as she had his mother there to keep watch over her with him not around, and all the goblins would make sure nothing happened.  They still had a few weeks left, so it would be perfectly okay not to have him by her side for that short time.

He knew she was right and couldn’t argue with that fair logic.  So with great reluctance he had left, promising to come back as soon as the meeting was adjourned.  He thought two hours at most would be all there was to whatever this was about.  

Too bad it hadn’t been like that when he got in and sat down beside his in-laws, half-listening to what they were saying.  He found it went on longer than he would have liked and seem to drag on forever.  Everyone in the council had to have a say in today’s meeting and kept pushing to argue about this and that, back and forth, which nearly drove him crazy.  

He had to grit his teeth and bear it, knowing if he let his anger get the best of him, things would not go well and push things further.  There was only so much he could take without having to think what Marianne might be doing at this time and wishing these fools would just hurry up and shut their traps already.

It was fortunate that his father-in-law, the Fairy King, took pity on him and decided to call it to a close.  He may not have liked who his daughters had chosen as their consorts, but with Marianne having his first grandchild to both their kingdoms underway, he was needed elsewhere.

Not to mention he could see that the Bog King looked ready to take his frustration out on them if he didn’t put this meeting to a halt, thus giving Bog the chance to exit the room with his wings buzzing madly as he left the Palace in quick haste.  

He never wanted to go through that ever again.  Listening to those mindless imbeciles was worse than any torture he could ever consider for his subjects.  If he could he would send someone else to listen in for him.  Although then again that might not be a good idea, but still he was anxious to get home to his beautiful wife and see how she and the babe were faring for themselves.  

When he returned to the Dark Forest with the sun setting low in the background, he was in for a surprise when he saw what was happening inside his fortress when he got in.  

There were goblins all running amok in the room in a state of panic.  Some looked like they were on the verge of collapsing as he saw Brutus plowing through the crowd carrying a large tub full of water.  Most of it was splashing everywhere, and Brutus tripped over his own feet, having it slosh everywhere on the ground.

Some got drenched, and a few were slipping in the puddles that were there.  He saw no one taking heed of him there and slammed his staff while giving off a loud roar to grab their immediate attention.


Thang and Stuff, seeing it was their king, rushed straight to him saying, “Sire, you’re back, thank goodness!  The queen, she’s—“ Bog’s eyes widened as he grabbed Thang and held him in front of his face snarling, “She’s what, what’s happening to my Marianne, tell me or I’ll—“

But he never got to finish as a loud, piercing scream cut through the entire hall, and Bog recognized it as Marianne’s.  

He reacted almost instantly as he dropped the goblin and pushed everyone out of the way, flying to where the screams were coming from.  He found himself in front of their royal bedchamber and could hear her yelling from behind those solid doors.  Something was very wrong here.  

“Marianne!”  He grabbed hold of the door and was ready to go inside, only to find his way being blocked by those colorful pixies zipping around and stopping him from going any further.  

“Let me through, you winged nuisances; get out of my way!”  

He swung his staff around, trying to swat them away just as his mother had gone to see what all the commotion was and found her son there.  

“Hey, you three get your colored behinds back in here.  I can’t do all this by myself, you know.”  

The pixies immediately stopped their assault on the king and headed back inside, just in time to hear Marianne cry out once more.  Bog was ready to rush right in, but his mother grabbed his arm and held him back.

“Oh no you don’t! You can’t go in there!  Now’s not a good time to—”

“Mother, what’s going on? Please don’t tell me it’s happening right now.  No, it’s too soon!”  

The healers and even Sugar Plum had said that the bairn wouldn’t show for at least another full moon, which was a month away.  

Griselda just gave her son a look while preventing him from getting past her, seeing how desperately he wanted to be in there, but she wasn’t going to let him.  

“Since when have you become the expert on when babies are ready to come or not?  Well this one isn’t for waiting any longer, so I suggest you go back to the hall with everyone else and stay put while you let us do the work.”  

Bog couldn’t believe that his own mother was keeping him out of his own chambers even as Brutus arrived with the large tub of water and told him to bring it in.  

“Look son, there’s really nothing you can do for her.  You have to let us take care of it.  The last thing you need is to be in there, hovering and making it harder than it is.  Trust me, it wasn’t easy popping you out of my womb, but at least Marianne didn’t have to deal with twenty-three months, thank goodness for small favors.  So scat now!”  

When Bog refused to budge, she turned to the larger goblin who had stepped out of the room and was about to make his hasty exit.  “You, take my son to the throne room this instant and under no circumstance let him leave there unless I say so, got it?!”

The goblin looked torn as he glanced between his ruler and Griselda, trying to decide on which of the two was scarier, but then, upon hearing the Queen’s ear-splitting shriek from behind the closed door, it wasn’t hard to make up his mind right there.  

He grabbed the Bog King, throwing him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carrying him back to the hall.  What he saw in there would haunt him for the rest of his days and have such sleepless nights for the next few months.

So here he was, despite his earlier protests and thanks to his own mother forcing him to wait it out, along with the others there in the room.  Bog had spent the last few hours pacing and listening to those piercing screams that seemed to echo all around them.

They saw how jumpy His Highness was each time they heard those agonizing cries, and everyone was just as anxious and hoping for the sake of their majesty and his heir that it would be all right.  If anything were to happen to either the queen or the child, their king might lose it and take his wrath out on them.  Sure, he may have mellowed out some, but he still carried that temper, it only rousing if he felt like something was wrong or tried to hurt Marianne.

It was until the sky was littered with many stars that a new sound breached the hall.  It was that of a smaller kind wailing that seem to be heard loud and clear inside the fortress.  

Bog, realizing that it must be finally over, got up from his throne and headed straight for his chamber, wanting to check upon his wife and their child.

He saw his mother just coming down the hall and took notice of him barreling past her in that instant.  “You’re welcome, by the way, and don’t worry, both Marianne and the baby are fine.  Go on and say hello to your son, Daddy.”

He threw the door open and saw Marianne lying against the plush cotton and moss balls, her face all sweaty and cheeks all flustered.  She looked absolutely exhausted with her hair hanging wet over her brow, but never did she seem more beautiful as she cooed to the small bundle in her arms.  

He was relieved to see that they were both doing all right, letting go of the breath he had been holding in until he saw them.

He took to plopping down in the empty seat next to his queen and staring at them with a toothy grin.  

“So it seems the wee one decided to come early today, just when I wasn’t around.”  

Marianne lifted her gaze up to see Bog there and smiled at him.

“Yeah, he certainly was rather anxious to come out, right around the time you left.  You have no idea how he had been pressing to get out from down there.  I don’t think I have ever been through such hell before, but got to say it was worth it.”

“Indeed, it was.”

He had his gaze turn over to the swaddled infant, and Marianne decided now would be a good time for him to hold his son.  She watched as he took the swaddled bundle and saw he was trying to make sure his talons didn’t hurt the small child.  He had not been sure what to do, but thanks to Marianne’s instruction, he managed without dropping the child as he cradled his tiny one close to his chest.

“It’s a good thing we had the baby’s room already finished, although it was Plum’s suggesting that said it would be a boy.  I’m glad to see it was right on the mark.”

“Yes, too bad she was only half accurate with that.”  

She may be the expert when it came to matters on all things love, but when it came to babies, that was entirely different altogether.  He had his attention drawn back to their child and couldn’t help beaming with fatherly pride at what he saw.

The boy looked a lot like him, from his nose and chin to the tiny claws on his little fingers that stuck out from the blanket.  Since his carapace armor had yet to harden as it only did so when they grew older and had their first molt, his skin was soft like his mother.  

There were tufts of dark brown hair sticking out and pushed back from his forehead, showing the tiny chitin that was on his brow.  He was in awe by this wee one that they had managed to create together.

“So have you given any thought to what name you would like to give your son?”  

The Bog King lifted his head to see Marianne watching the both of them, seeing the love shining in his eyes at their child.  Our child, that had to be the most wonderful thing to be ever considered since he was a part of her and Bog and couldn’t help smiling at that.  Now they just needed to decide on what to call him.  They had talked a few times over what name to give, never really settling on which one they preferred.  Bog did have one suggestion, though, and wanted her to hear him out.

“Marianne, I was thinking we name him after both our fathers, yours and mine.  It should be fitting since we were from two different kingdoms and now he’s a part of both those great lands.”

He saw Marianne was all for it as she nodded and smiled down at their son.  “Oberon Titus, I like it.  What do you think little Obe?  You like the name your Daddy gave you?”  

The bairn stirred at hearing her voice, and Bog saw him blinking a couple times before staring at them with those same sky blue eyes like his.  

The family had been enjoying this peaceful moment, unaware that they were being watched and looking at the happy couple with the babe in Bog’s arm.

Stuff and Thang, seeing their new sire, had immediately rushed to the great hall to tell everyone.  It wouldn’t be long before the news was passed on, and everyone would be preparing the welcoming party for the birth of their future king.  

Griselda turned to Plum, who was floating right next to her. “See, told ya.  Isn’t he’s so adorable, looks just like his daddy.  Can’t wait to tell everyone about my little grandson.  He’s definitely going to be quite a looker when he gets older.  Just hope he doesn’t take as long as his father to snag a girl, but I’m sure I’ll help if I have to look under every rock just to find the right one.”

Plum couldn’t help chuckling as she didn’t doubt it but thought he would be able to on his own.  “Yes he’s definitely a cute little Boggy Woggy if I do say so myself.”   She could see the obvious love that the Bog King had for both his wife and now their child and knew he finally found what he had been longing for and didn’t really need her love potion at all.
Strange Magic: Six Flower Petals Chapter 2
So here's the second chapter for my story hope everyone likes.  I like to also thank tmwillson3 for betaing this story for me and hope you like it.


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